AIPMOs Frameworks for consulting

There are many well-known frameworks that are referred over the years and can be applied to specific parts of a function. These are called “categorization frameworks” because the framework comes before the data or information. The problem is that every client’s situation is unique, and therefore existing frameworks need to be tailored or in many cases there is no framework that reflects the scenario it needs to address.

IPMO Consulting uses its own framework development approach to create custom frameworks or what David Snowden calls “a sensemaking framework.”

The figure below details IPMO Consulting approach to create unique sensemaking frameworks, which is then used to structure and steer the consulting assignment.

IPMO Master Consulting framework

The frameworks and methods behind the IPMO Consulting frameworks have been encapsulated into a course that AIPMO gives to consultants, professionals, and students (MSc, PhD/DBA) – called Consulting Frameworks (CF-IPMO). This provides a platform to develop and extend concepts and ideas to improve the development of frameworks and their impact on success of each assignment. It also helps IPMO Consulting clients understand the thorough process behind each assignment and how it will be delivered. A client may request an assessment of their current environment, or to build a function, or to create a complete target operating model. Developing a sense-making framework is one of the first major steps for these types of assignments.