Comprehensive Capability Assessment

The PMO-MI® model is designed to assess the maturity and impact of one or more PMOs, including six tiers of assessment, each offering increasing depth of diagnostics and recommendations. Additionally, two of these tiers provide the design and development of your organization's target operating model, helping you achieve maximum maturity and impact.

What Makes PMO-MI® Unique?

The PMO-MI® model offers a specialized approach to evaluating PMO maturity and impact. Unlike generic models adapted from project or portfolio assessments, our model is designed specifically for PMOs, recognizing the unique factors that drive success in this domain.

Tiered Approach

Tailored for PMOs, PMO-MI® is a principle-based assessment model covering 24 domains. It uncovers nuanced insights, offering a structured approach for evaluating capabilities and performance across various levels.

Principle-based Approach

Our approach to maturity assessment is grounded in principles that drive innovation, integration, output clarity, adaptability, transparency, efficiency, governance, and adherence to the MECE principle.