FAQs for PMO-MI Assessment

The PMO Maturity and Impact Model is a comprehensive framework developed by AIPMO to assess and enhance the maturity and impact of PMOs. It evaluates the effectiveness, efficiency, and alignment of PMO services with organizational goals, providing a strategic roadmap for continuous improvement and value delivery.

This model is designed for PMO directors, managers, consultants, and organizational leaders who aim to enhance PMO capabilities and align its services with broader business objectives. It is applicable across various industries and suitable for PMOs at any maturity stage.

Organizations that apply the PMO Maturity and Impact Model can expect to:
• Identify strengths and areas for improvement within their PMO.
• Align PMO strategies with business goals.
• Enhance project, program, and portfolio delivery to increase success rates.
• Foster a culture of continuous improvement.
• Clearly demonstrate the value of the PMO to stakeholders.

The PMO Maturity Assessment involves a thorough evaluation of your PMO's current practices and services across several domains, including decision making, culture, methods, and information. This assessment delivers a maturity score and provides a detailed roadmap for future progression.

It is recommended that a PMO Maturity Assessment be conducted annually to effectively monitor progress and adapt strategies as needed. More frequent assessments may be necessary if significant organizational or PMO changes occur.

While there are no strict prerequisites, the following are beneficial for a more effective assessment:
• A clearly defined PMO structure.
• Established PMO processes.
• Strong support from senior management.
• Ideally a service catalog.
• Awareness of current PMO challenges and objectives.

The PMO Impact Factor measures the tangible impact a PMO has within its environment. This is assessed using a specialized scale that quantifies the PMO's contributions.

While there is often an assumed correlation between maturity and impact, this isn't always the case. Thus, both maturity and impact are assessed to determine the performance level of a PMO.

Yes, the AIPMO’s PMO Maturity and Impact Model allows for the assessment of one or more PMOs within an organization. When multiple PMOs are assessed, a secondary set of scales is used to provide both individual and collective PMO maturity and impact scores.

Yes, the PMO Maturity and Impact Model is designed to accommodate assessments of multiple PMOs within the same organization. It allows for each PMO to be evaluated individually and also provides a collective maturity score. This feature is particularly useful for large organizations with several PMOs, enabling a holistic view of PMO performance across the entire organization. The model helps in identifying areas of strength and improvement both at the individual PMO level and across all PMOs, fostering a comprehensive understanding of maturity across the enterprise.

To begin using the PMO Maturity and Impact Model for either single or multiple PMOs, you can attend our PMO Maturity and Impact Masterclass or contact us directly at sales@ipmoconsulting.com for a personalized consultation and to schedule an assessment. Our experts are equipped to handle both individual and collective assessments and will guide you through the entire process to maximize your PMO’s potential.

Absolutely. AIPMO offers support through its network of certified experts and partners who can facilitate the PMO Maturity and Impact Assessments, interpret the results, and guide your PMO through the improvement process.