Our methodology for consulting

Developing custom frameworks for client assignments and integrating them with  tailored methodologies ensure a structured and robust approach to understand, prepare, and execute client assignments while taking the client on the same journey to challenge, improve, and buy-in to the approach and outcomes.

The figure below is one example of a high-level methodology to deliver the outcome our clients expect.

  1. Hot spot analysis
    Understand current topologies. Determine the root cause issues in PPM, PMO management, and related areas.
  2. Develop topologies
    Using our custom approach, develop the PMO topology and PMO service topology.
    Extend further to develop the target operating model.
  4. Implement, operate, transfer
    Determine the implementation approach, build capability and capacity. Operate, extend domain of control and domain of influence. Monitor and take proactive actions for the domain of concern. Transfer operations to the client